About us


The company meblomex was established in 1996 as a business based on long-year family tradition and experience in manufacturing furniture. The founder of the company, Jacek Żmuda, as a child observed the work of his grandfather, who produced unique wooden furniture in a small workshop. The knowledge and skills he gained led to the emergence of a dynamic enterprise which has met the various market demands for years thanks to modern technologies and flexible organisational structure.

Our company manufactures furniture for public facilities such as offices, hotels, shopping centres, as well as for individual clients. We provide services related to complex project implementation, including technical assistance, logistics, transport and assembly of furniture. Thanks to our experience and openness we successfully implement even the most ambitious and unique designs. The reliability and quality of the solutions we create were proven by the entry to the European Register of the Renowned EuroRenoma. As we care for environmental resources, we constantly improve production processes. We use only the materials that comply with restrictive regulations; therefore, the furniture we produce is eco-friendly.