Hotel furniture - Meblomex


Nice design and robustness are the hallmarks of attractive.


The kit is a proven suggestion for traditional furniture designs. The individual components are made of 18 mm thick laminated furniture plate. In the design of worktops and wreaths furniture a 25mm thick plate was used. A distinctive decorative element is the aluminium skirting on worktops and Wieńcach and the bed panel.


This hotel furniture is dedicated to the 2 + standard rooms. The task of distinguishing the simplicity of the Muse set is arranging surface in the economic version. Uncomplicated forms will certainly satisfy the expectations of all who appreciate the savings and functionality of the style. An interesting solution is the bed panel, which is […]


The hotel room is a place for a short time to replace your home's comfort, so we attach great importance to its standard. Marbella Furniture Set is a product combining all the advantages of a comfortable and modern hotel interior. Its differentiator is decorated with decorative edges and trims. Durable, robust MDF countertops are coated […]


This is a completely innovative solution To the room space management. The Cambre Kit is a author proposal for designers and constructors of our company. In the space of teenage experience in furniture production was created a unique set that deviates from its form from the unified standards. The modern line of furniture combined with […]


This set is designed for investors who appreciate the high standard of furniture equipment. Capri is characterised by its proven construction: solid, sturdy countertops are finished with HPL laminate. The freedom to create unusual solutions is what you should note when choosing this furniture set. The decorative line, made of stainless steel, placed along the […]


Set created with the cooperation of our team of designers and constructors. It is distinguished by an interesting design, giving a lightness to the interior of the hotel room. Modern design creates harmony with the whole environment. A characteristic feature is the steel chrome base of furniture. The construction of the kit is made of […]