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Oddanie obiektu Szczawnica Park Resort & SPA

Oddanie obiektu Szczawnica Park Resort & SPA   Tuż przed samymi świętami Spółka ERBET przekazała inwestorowi do użytku obiekt hotelowy pn. Szczawnica Park Resort & SPA Spółka MEBLOMEX miała w tym przedsięwzięciu swój udział poprzez dostawę wyposażenia wnętrz tj. ścianki i okładziny ścienne oraz tapety i fototapety.  

KRION K-Life. Extreme strength and design

KRION K-Life. Extreme strength and design Furniture that cleans the air of toxins and microorganisms? A material that can withstand both harsh winter and African heat without a problem? Extremely durable material that survives the heaviest transport and is 100% recyclable? It’s not magic! KRION K-Life is a real revolution in the world of architecture, […]

Companies with heart 2018

We are pleased to announce that Meblomex has extended its partner program with UNICEF Polska under the slogan of Companies with heart 2018 This is a special commitment in supporting the fight against continuous crises in various parts of our world, where the victims are most often children. The company wants to support UNICEF to […]

Meblomex awarded – Forbes Diamonds 2018

We have to announce that the Meblomex company has been awarded in the prestigious Forba competition – Forbes Diamonds.   More information at:   26


We are pleased to announce that Meblomex company has been the winner of the international competition organized by ANTALIS INTERIOR DESIGN. The competition was attended by companies from all over the world. Two categories of hotel room and restaurant were reported to the project. The Jury considered that in the category of restaurant it was […]

Meblomex-Business Gazelles 2016

Once again, Meblomex company was among the companies that were featured in the prestigious ranking of business Gazelles 2016. It is the second in a row such a commendation, which at the solemn Gala took the Chairman of the board Jacek Żmuda

Meblomex-Companies with a heart

The company Meblomex officially became a partner of the “Company with the Heart” program. Including the work of rescuing children suffering from malnutrition. It is through such actions that we can help children around the world.


The company Meblomex selected the equipment executor of the METROPOLIS desing HOTEL. On yesterday, a contract was concluded for the delivery and installation of a door joinery. The facility is to be put into service in April 2017 year.