KRION K-Life. Extreme strength and design

KRION K-Life. Extreme strength and design

Furniture that cleans the air of toxins and microorganisms? A material that can withstand both harsh winter and African heat without a problem? Extremely durable material that survives the heaviest transport and is 100% recyclable? It’s not magic! KRION K-Life is a real revolution in the world of architecture, art and design.

Modern technology takes care of us at every step, providing ever higher quality and comfort of life. The latest research shows that it is the high quality of the product that is the most important for Poles as consumers. No wonder that the furniture and accessories from the KRION K-Life material are increasingly asked by both office and restaurant owners, as well as private individuals who want their house or apartment to be furnished in a modern, fully eco-friendly way.

The new king of materials

KRION K-Life is an innovative product that conquers Europe. It consists of two thirds of natural minerals (ATH, aluminum hydroxide) and a low percentage of highly resistant resins. Excellent properties make it very hard, extremely durable, easy to repair and maintain, resistant to most dirt and the destructive effect of chemical and biological factors.

Due to the unique properties of KRION K-Life, a material composed of solid surfaces, it is widely used in architecture and interior design – from countertops and home furniture, through counters and decorative elements in hotels and restaurants to weld laboratory furniture in hospitals whether internal and external wall claddings.

This novel, pore-free material inhibits the propagation of fungi and bacteria, shows antiseptic properties and has an extremely low emission of volatile organic compounds. These properties make it suitable for rooms that require high hygienic and sanitary standards, such as restaurants, operating rooms, rooms in SPA rooms, bathing salons in hotels, and even ordinary home kitchens and bathrooms.

The secret of the revolutionary material KRION K-Life lies in the process of photocatalysis – a modern way of self-cleaning the air against unpleasant odors, impurities, fungi, bacteria and molds.

– K’LIFE material cleans the environment due to the content of elements. Its one drive is light, so there is no need to use other external sources, as is the case, for example, in expensive and demanding additional operating costs of air purifiers – emphasizes Jacek Żmuda, president of the company Meblomex, a company that is the only official distributor of KRION in Poland.



Extremely durable furniture


Thanks to the mineral content, KRION K-Life exhibits high resistance to sunlight, which makes it an ideal product for creating façades, garden and urban furniture. Surfaces made of this material withstand extreme weather conditions, such as frosts and heat, immersion in water or strong exposure to steam.

Experts point out that KRION K-Life works in a similar way as with wood, making it possible to make bent parts easily after cutting out boards and shaping them with the help of heat. KRION K-Life retains its high quality even with deep and complex forming.

People for whom the condition of our environment is important will be pleased that KRION® is 100% recyclable. All products made from this revolutionary material can be processed and used many times.

Regardless of whether we plan to buy a miniature shower tray for a studio or a thermoformed façade of a four-star hotel, we have a wide range of colors available, among which, due to its elegance and neutrality, the classic white finish stands out (KRION ™ achieves unparalleled levels of white equal to other materials 99.8%). Such a brightened piece of furniture not only becomes a source of brightness, but also an original exhibit, attracting attention and testifying to the good taste of the owner.