The BOX furniture System is a unified and modern solution for multifunctional office space. It allows to arrange whole offices, workplaces, managerial and meeting rooms. The desks of varying shapes and sizes allow you to create any set of workstations suitable for your office space. Handheld cabinets in many fronts, containers and helpers provide ample space for storing documents and personal belongings. The consistent colour palette allows you to create aesthetic color compositions. Connected workstations do not have to be associated with noise and lack of privacy. The BOX provides comfort and enhances concentration through the use of partition panels that cover the desk area. The Upholstery panel surface allows you to pin notes. The supplying stationary containers increase the worktop's working space, while the extra usable area allows for the setting of additional office equipment. Printer. Ergonomic desk top cutout for comfortable working at the computer. Modern management position is a space that creates ideal conditions for both individual work and meetings. In order to achieve this goal, BOX furniture systems used a shaper bed to increase the desk space and a stylish rollaway on a round aluminium lacquered base. It plays the role of a table where you can arrange meetings. The complementary elements of the kit are: Mobile Cabinet with blinds, companion and handheld wardrobes, which are ideal for storing documents and personal belongings. In this way, a fully equipped cabinet is created, ensuring the comfort of work in every situation.